March 30, 2010

Bird Feeders

Saturday morning I decided that I would finally make use of the 20 some odd pine cones my children picked up from my Mama's yard back earlier this month. So we set out to make pine cone bird feeders. Sounds easier than it actually was. I got all the stuff together. Peanut butter, pine cones, paper plates, spoons, and bird seed. Madison is having no problems getting her hands dirty but if you know my son he hates to be dirty. He's a bigger nice nasty than his Uncle Mike was growing up. So needless to say I did all the work for Nealon's bird feeders but don't ask him that. Well about 20 minutes or so of spreading peanut butter, tying some string to the pine cones and then rolling in bird seed. Plus a few times where I had to stop and yell at Nealon to stop eating the peanut butter that had bird seed in it. Here is our finished project. Not to bad for a spur of the moment thought at my mom's house and then a month later thought of well lets make bird feeders.

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