March 8, 2010

Our home is complete again...

Nealon is back at home after 3 whole weeks. He went with my MIL after my surgery. He had a great time being spoiled some and being the "only" child for a few weeks. I honestly think he needed the getaway. Being that he has been 'replaced' as the baby in the house he had been acting out some. He has only been back a day now with just us but the difference is amazing. He got to do all kinds of fun stuff like helping Papa make the train for Rylynn's birthday, playing in Uncle Josh's tent in the dining room, fishing and then just all the joys of running and screaming without getting in trouble. Because for whatever reason grandparents seem to be able to handle all that noise far better than us parents can. Here's a picture of the boy after a day of playing and getting to be as dirty as he wants to.

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