May 16, 2010

What am I thinking?

Ok so a few weeks ago I posted about it almost being bathing suit season and posted a picture of a very well toned model wearing the bathing suit I ordered from Victoria's Secret. Well, first let me say I got my suit and was surprised by the fact that without trying it on first it actually fit. I mean I liked it online, ordered the suit and it actually fit my body when it came to my house. AMAZING! Second some of you kidding I'm sure or at least didn't think I'd post a bikini shot of myself online for the world to see told me to model it and post a picture. So for your viewing pleasure or if you need to throw up here are some I took of myself in the said bikini. Mind you I could not get a very good shot of my entire body but trust me it's very pasty white and you really don't want to see that. I mean if you really feel that need I can get my 9 year old to operate the camera and get one so you can pass out from laughing or go blind from the whiteness.


  1. You make me sick, you heifer, after four kids, I only had three and I never got it back that good! Love you, and it looks great on you. Make sure you bring it next time you come.

  2. you should post a picture of ur off what you have after 4 kids...

  3. Thanks mom1 And Anonymous trust me the rest of the body is not quite that good.