August 4, 2010

Hello my dear where have you been...

While trying unsuccessfully to clean house before my mom and Mackenzie comes this weekend I am taking a break to well blog and have me a little afternoon pick up. Hello my dear dear friend Vanilla Caramel Latte. Oh how I have missed going to Starbucks and getting you. On the other hand oh how I have not missed the money it takes to buy you there. So today I am going to try

Now I got some samples of this in the mail a few weeks back but had successfully lost them. While cleaning my kitchen this afternoon I found them. While it's no coffee house Vanilla Caramel Latte it's actually not bad and it makes my house smell so yummy. So while I drink my knock off fancy coffee enjoy this picture with me of what looks like a very YUMMY coffee.

Oh and the reason my house is being cleaned unsuccessfully is because when i do things like clean the kids/guest bathroom only to go in there after the 3 year old has been going potty I find things like this...


  1. Hi, how are you??
    New followers from Welcome Wednesday blog hop.

    My ex and the father of my she devils is a Marine so we know quite a bit about Marine Corps life and how hectic though great it can be.

    I look forward to reading a lot more about your life. Feel free to come by our blog and say hello. We only started 3 1/2 weeks ago and it's going great.

    Have a nice evening!!

  2. oh i hear ya love.. i am finding cleaning a never ending battle... its like shoveling snow while its coming a blizzerd... pointless and exhauting... <3

  3. I'm telling you Terri. And you would think I'd know better than to actually try to clean while they are awake and moving. :)