October 5, 2010

Christmas is near...

Ok, so I get it that it is only October 5th and there should not be Christmas stuff out in stores yet but guess what there is. I for one am so excited to see Christmas stuff out already. It really makes me want to get Joey in the attic to get my Christmas tree down so I can put it up. Almost! And you know I probably totally would if I knew that keeping Elliot away from the tree would be an easy task. However, i know my baby boy all to well and we have a hard time leaving Mommy's books and picture frames alone let alone something that shines and glitters. So we will wait it out until at least November. :)

Did you know Christmas is only

Sorry I totally had to do that. Everyone needs to know how many more days they have left to shop, get it all wrapped, decorate, make cookies and shop right? :) Maybe that's just me. Well, this year I have actually already started and am on a pretty good roll. Only problem I have is that I already have more for one kid than for the other 3. In fact one child has nothing at all yet. Bad mommy! Good thing I have my ticker to tell me how many more days I have left to buy for said child.

Some of my best finds so far this year have been a FREE Disney Cars Scooter, Beauty and the Beast with a $10 off coupon making it $14 for the Blue Ray and DVD combo set and some FREE Bath and Body works lotion. I love good deals on anything but free is always great! Have you found any good deals or won any give-a-ways that you are using as Christmas gifts? What are your children asking for this year?

OMGosh do I want to live in NYC. Ok, so I do not want to live there year round. Just from mid-November until New Year! Oh, how I dream of one day going to the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. I so love Thanksgiving and getting up to watch the parade on TV. I still love to watch the parade every year. I try so hard to get my kids to enjoy it as much as I do and nothing. They just don't care to watch but for about 5 minutes or so.

So aside from the Thanksgiving Day parade, I want to live in NYC for the Christmas festivities. Going down to Studio 1A in Rockefeller Center and freezing my butt off with the hosts of the Today Show. (I really realize how lame I sound and how not from NYC I sound too) Going to watch them light the huge behind Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Ice skating (not that I know how to do that well), walking through Central Park with the cold and yes I know it's cold snowy days!

See how pretty is that?
And of course what could be the best ending to the holiday season of course the New Years Eve celebration in Times Square. And yes I know how crazy that is and yes how dangerous. Let me say that even if I lived in NYC I do not know if I would actually go to Times Square for New Years Eve. We went to the Chick-fil-a Bowl in December of 2008 in Atlanta Ga (yes I know NYC is way bigger) and after the game went to the downtown New Years celebrations. They were having a peach drop, it is Georgia! I thought we were going to be stampede. I mean really people kept pushing to get closer to the peach, yes we were some of those people but once you realize you can't go any further the most common sense thing to do is turn around and go back. Well, with people pushing try to go both directions it got a little out of hand. People were falling down and getting stepped on and we were right in the middle of it. UGH so it may have unfortunately made it where I will never go to NYC's New years Eve but if I actually lived there who knows what I could talk myself into....

So what are your plans this year for the holidays? We are going to go home and spend the time with family. Since within the year we will be moving and we never know how close we will be. My only wish for this holiday season would be that I could get to see all of my nieces and my nephew. I know it is not possible with them living all of the world but a girl can dream right?


  1. YOUR CRAZY with the countdown.

    ps- I have the kids almost finished as well....a TON of Target clearance paid off!


  2. I agree with Mandy... you already have gifts and plans? Oh my. I haven't even got Halloween costumes.
    We have Christmas stuff in the stores here too, and it just gives me a heart attack knowing I'm so not ready. Although the change in the weather and your pictures have me dreaming a little bit, I must admit!
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I saw you were a redhead too (my Gracie is, and I was once upon a time) and I KNEW we'd get along just fine... :)

  3. MandA - sorry, I'm not the best typist sometimes. :) I still agree with you though!!

  4. I can't wait til Christmas! So excited! I definitely wouldn't mind living in NYC around this time of year. I've always wanted to take a sleigh ride through Central Park! Someday I suppose. Following you from "Follow Me Back Tuesday". Love the blog!