October 12, 2010

Fall is upon us...

I love this time of year. It is so pretty out and I can take the kiddos outside without heating to death. We have spent a lot of time outside and I have captured a lot of it. Lots of great and exciting things are going on right now in our White House.

We went to Poppell Farms this weekend while we were in Ga to pick up Ninja. It was a good time until the throwing up began. Because you know there always has to be some kind of grossness coming from kids. It was hotter than hot too and it just doesn't seem right to be pumpkin picking in hot weather. One day we will get to pick pumpkins in cooler weather again. There was all kinds of fun things for the kids to play with and what my father in law calls more work for him to have to do. My MIL gets all these ideas and puts my FIL's tools to good use for things for the kiddos to play on. Like this lovely thing I fully expect to see around there very soon...

Right before she started throwing up and running a fever!

Why can I just see her 15 years down the road at a
country bar riding the mechanical bull?!?!

Chunky Monkey has way too much fun playing with the hay stacks and tearing all the hay out and trying to eat it. Because you know if you can hold it, it must be eaten!

Haha you try to get 5 kids to look in one direction when 2 different people are trying to get a picture! And with 3 of them under 3 yeah next to impossible!

Time to find some pumpkins...

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  3. Looks like fun. I can't wait until we go.

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