October 26, 2010

Who waits until the last minute....

We Do...

So as always there are certain things that we want to do at our current duty station that we always say well we've got 3 years. We'll get to it and as always those years fly by and we get new orders and have things left on our to do list. So yesterday since the girls were out of school we went on a "field trip" as the kept telling me. We went over to the Naval base where there is this old cool little (well not so little in 80 degree weather) fort. 

A little bit about Fort Barrancas the British built the Royal Navy Redoubt here in 1763 of earth and logs. The Spanish built two forts here around 1797. Bateria de San Antonio was a masonry water battery at the foot of the bluff. Above it was earth and log Fort San Carlos de Barrancas. American engineers remodeled the Water Battery in 1840 and built a masonry fort on the bluff between 1839 and 1844, connected by a tunnel to the Water Battery. The current Fort Barrancas a $1.2 million, eighteen-month restoration project led to its reopening in 1980.

 The view from the overlook
 I love history...

The entrance to the fort

I think she thinks she is one of Charlie's Angels. :)
 The tunnels that went on forever...

 Checking out a storage room... no ghosts in this one

 Look I can get one with all 4 looking and smiling...

 Me and the hubby

 Another one with all 4 looking. See how happy Mr Hulk looks :)

 Gun powder containers in one of the storage rooms

After we left the fort and were all nice and sticky since it was like 80 something degrees (have I mentioned how ready I am to move to Massachusetts?) we went and had a picnic lunch before heading over to the Naval Aviation Museum...

 He was like a kid in a candy store... he loves planes

 A retired "Fat Albert" from the Blue Angels
Have to represent... :)

Sorry for the over post of pictures but these were only a few of what I took yesterday. :) Happy Tuesday to you all... 

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