November 16, 2010

Class projects always start something...

Rosie came home from school a few weeks ago with some "family" homework. 

We were supposed to disguise Tom the turkey so he would not get eaten on Thanksgiving.
Dress him (or her in our case) up in whatever would help to make him look less like a turkey.

Of course Ms Rosie came home and knew just what she wanted to do. "Tom" needed to be pink and purple and wear a dress.Of course this project comes home on Monday due on Friday and Momma has had one of those days and tells her we'll do it tomorrow. 
Next thing I know it is Thursday afternoon Rosie is out playing at a friends house and I am cleaning off the counter. Guess what I find under a pile of papers? 
A naked Tom...

Get little Ms Rosie home and we get to coloring poor Tom pink, purple and gold.

Now, to make the dress for "Tom". So I go to get fabric and cut out a dress pattern to just place over the turkey. Mind you it is already almost 9 and the kindergartner that this project is for has been in bed asleep and I am getting tired. My dress turns out a little whop sided.
So my hubby and I (mainly the hubby) decide to make Tom a scarecrow turkey. We manage to cut out some overalls and I cut some hay from one of my cheap-o scarecrows and glue it around Tom's overalls. 
The result is hopefully a scarecrow turkey...

Not too bad if I say so myself. Either way little Miss was happy with it so all was good in her world for the time being. 

Making these turkey's got my other two kids wanting to make some turkeys too. So I searched the internet for some Tom the turkeys of their very own to color and cut out.

Of course she had to do one for the house too...

These adorable turkey's are hanging up on my back door. Good thing turkey's are safe at my house this year! At my mom's and my in-laws now that is a different story. :) 



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  7. Found your blog through the Welcome Weekend Blog Hop. It's nice to meet you. I love the way you dressed up the turkey. What a great idea, I have never heard of this before. always looking for new ideas. I am following your blog now.

  8. OH. My kids used to do that assignment when they were younger. I miss it.
    Saigie was last and hers was a turkey girl at the beach in a bikini swearing she didn't taste good.

    The scarecrow is really cute! (All of them are.)

  9. Oh Bless.... I remember doing this with my son...We had to do a Spiderman Turkey. Grandma is not very talented in the craft department.