November 25, 2010

Day 25 of 30

Day 25 – your day

My days change everyday. 
Like today being Thanksgiving it is hectic. 
We are eating at my in-laws house today around lunch then heading over to my mom's for dinner.
I will be crazy full.

Normally though my days are pretty easy as far as being scheduled to the breaking point.
I'm normally up around 615 or so to get the girls up for school. 
I make sure they have eaten, gotten dresses, brushed hair and teeth and have all their stuff for the bus.
Watch them go to the bus stop and get on around 652.
Then its back home to clean something or wash something.
Ninja is normally up by then and asking for chocolate milk.
Hop on the computer and check emails and do a blog post.
Hulk wakes up around 8ish and then its get him changed and fed.
Play with the kids and then clean that mess back up.
Throw in a couple more cups of drink for Ninja and some potty breaks.
Lunch time and then naps. 
If I'm lucky both boys nap (I'm not normally that lucky)
While they nap I blog again, email check and catch up on some DVR
Around 220 the girls come home from school and the real fun begins.
They need a snack like right then and it can NOT wait.
Homework for Carter while Rosie goes to play. (kindergarten is SO easy)
Then the fighting starts. 
Well, not fighting but sibling rivalry.
Everyone plays either outside or in depending on the weather.
About 430is I start to do a real quick clean up once again to make sure it looks like I've done something before hubby gets home.
Start making dinner after that.
We eat together around 545 or 600.
Kids get baths and brush teeth while I clean up the kitchen.
Put the kiddos in bed around 7 or 720 at the latest on school nights.
Sit down for a few more email and blog checks.
Finally sit down with the hubby and relax and play catch up on the DVR again. 
I go to sleep around 11 or so.
If I'm lucky all the kids sleep through the night.
Then it's up again at 615 to start my day over again.

Every now and then I get to do something else fun like grocery shop, pay bills or go to the bank.
Or the things I actually like...
Play groups or my MOPS group.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Eat lots and be happy today!
Lots of love to you all!

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