November 23, 2010

Dear Coffee

I really need you to start kicking in. 
I mean I have even begun to drink you like an adult and only add a little bit of sugar and a little bit of creamer. You actually still look like coffee instead of creamer with a little bit of coffee mixed in.

For real though I really need something to kick start my body. 
Caffeine please start working your magic.
I have a list of like 20 things that I need to do just for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
You know like washing all these clothes that seem to pile up all over again after I just finished washing them.
The nerve of the people in my house.
Wearing different clothes everyday?!?!

Besides all the clothes I need to wash, dry and fold there are the ones I have already washed dried and folded that need to be put away still.
It really is a never ending life sucking cycle.

Maybe I should write a letter to the laundry in the house and wish it all away.
Although then we'd have no clothes and be naked all the time.
So for now I guess the letter is for my coffee to kick in and start doing it's job so that I can do mine!

Love me
The worn out Momma in desperate need of a kick start

PS- A big HI and welcome to any new followers from the blog hops. Have a look around at some of my other posts and enter a giveaway or two.


  1. Hi there! I feel your pain!! I hope that coffee kicks in soon!
    Thanks for following me! I'm following back!

  2. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for following my blog . . . I'm following you back :-)

    I've just gotten into giveaways and I love them . . . I'll be checking yours out :-)

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving . . . Gina

  3. But, I love coffee with LOTS of cream and sugar. Not that it does me any good.

  4. I'm your newest follower!