November 30, 2010

Flash Mobs!?!

Ok, so last week on Modern Family or maybe the week before there was a scene where Mitchell tries to surprise Cam by being in a flash mob. To show that he is spontaneous. While it was cute on the show it made me think do real people actually break out into dance and song any where?

Why yes, yes they do...
Here are some I've found this morning.

I love the woman in the gray argyle sweater that hands off her baby to go dance. LOL
and the older man in the dress blue shirt.

The next one is just beautiful...

There is even a website for these... 


  1. I know!!!!! I never heard of a flash mob before watching it on Modern Family which is one of my FAV shows to watch! I even blogged about the flash mob because I was so impressed with it! Loved all these!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I posted the one in Paris.. on my blog
    want to follow? I am a new follower.. found you on the follow me back

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    Peace & Love

  4. Beautiful!!!!

    I found you, lucky me!, through Tuesday's blog hop. Please come see me!