November 15, 2010

We saw Santa...

Let me tell you we are on the ball this year! 
Our kids have already been and seen Santa. 
Which if you know us this is an accomplishment! 
We are so normally the parents that wait and wait until the last minute. Then have to wait in line with all the other parents just like us. 

Not us! Not this year. Oh No!

Last year we went over to Bass Pro Shop... (I know right) to see Santa but of course we were on this crazy deadline! I mean like crazy. We had to be there and gone by like 2 in order to get back for my hubby's Christmas party thing at work. No problem right? HAHA I say. We walked up in like mid to end of December to see a line wrapped around the Santa workshop Bass Pro sets up. An elf walks up to us and asks, "Do you need a bass pass?" I'm looking at him like huh? So I tell him yes we do. He hands me one that says our "get in line to see Santa" time is at 4pm. Mind you it's 1230. Who waits that long and at Bass Pro Shop? Ok, so maybe some people who are outdoorsy people could do that but I am not outdoorsy so I get bored after I look at the "big fish". I know I'm such a kid.

Anyway, this year we saw the commercial and thought lets go early. You know like well before we see Santa in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Since we all know that is the official start of Santa. :)
We went yesterday after church. Got there again right at noon but this time our "get in line to see Santa" 'Bass Pass' was for 1:00. SCORE!!

So we go potty, see the big fish, play some of the games they have for the kiddos, make the crafts and it is 1240?

Ok, well lets make our way over to the line and just get in. By the time we got up to the velvet rope of Santa's Workshop it is 1:00 and we are good to go! YAY! Well, we were good to go until Ninja who has been all about lets not do anything else but see Santa actually see's Santa and start to freak out a bit. he is not so sure he actually wants to sit on Santa's lap let alone walk up and talk to him. Over all though he did good. He's not smiling and his head is being kicked by his little brother but there are no tears and no screaming kids. (that's a whole other post)

I count this years Santa visit a success! 

See little brother kicking his big brother in the head! LOVE IT!
Oh, and did I mention the picture with Santa is FREE!!!

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  1. Don't know if I already said this or not, but just in case... Thanks for following my blog & I'm following you back!
    We just visited Santa at Bass Pro 2 days ago too!

  2. Glad to have found you! I love the music:)

  3. NIce, spirit of christmas is in the air! Cute kids and family.

    Hope to see you in my Mommy and Me here.

  4. good for you! yes, the line at bass pro was CRAZY long last year when we were there after thanksgiving! got to do it early! :)

  5. I can't let my husband see this! He has spent the last week planning our family Christmas card. Last I heard we have to rent a red suit...

    I LOVE the picture! So much fun!

  6. Very cute. I can't believe there are already Santa pictures!

    (Hope you can join in the pictures next week!)

  7. Oh boy! Great photos. Early visit from Santa.

    Adin B