December 7, 2010

Christmas came early for me...

Earlier this year I was talking with my MIL about things my FIL makes.
Like last year how he made my girls gorgeous vanity sets and Ninja a toy box.

 The Vanity's do have mirrors they just weren't on when I took the pictures.

And the toy box now has dinosaurs on it. (purposely) 

So, we were talking about some of the things that he has made for other people like the 3 beds he's made from cedar or the hope chest he made for my SIL.
I was telling her that I have always wanted a hall tree for my entryway. 
We talk about that for a while and she tells me to find some that I like and send them to her for her to show him.
Well, guess what I got as an early Christmas present when we went home for Thanksgiving?!?!
A gorgeous hall tree.
It is absolutely perfect and I love it. 
Of course I got it early so that I can have it shipped to our new house in Massachusetts.
So for now it is sitting in my garage waiting to be packed up and moved into it's temporary new home.
Here is a picture of it... ignore all the junk in my garage please!

Seriously how gorgeous is that? 
There is storage in the seat and I have 4 hooks for my kiddos jackets or whatnot. 
Plus, the shelf I will be getting a basket for to keep hats, gloves and scarves. 
I can not wait to get it to the new house and start putting it to good use.
Merry Christmas to me early! 
And another big THANK YOU to my FIL. 
I love him!


  1. you are so blessed to have a FIL with talent and time to make these great heirlooms for your family.
    My husband is very handy BUT has no time to do such things. maybe when he is retired with grandchildren :)

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  2. Your father in law is quite talented!

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  3. Those are some awesome homemade gifts. I absolutely LOVE the storage bench! It will look great with baskets!

    I'm your newest follower.
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  4. Your FIL is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You are truly blessed and your mom is so smart for picking him :-)

    Your garage is NEAT compared to mine. You've seen mine. OMGGGGG is right. LOL