December 3, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Fill in the Blank Friday
1.   Holiday spirit 
 makes me feel all happy and extra loving.

2.  The holidays are incomplete without 
family, traditions and my camera to capture it all.

3.  My favorite thing to do around the holidays is 
bake cookies, drive around and look at Christmas lights and make memories that last forever!

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is  
getting everyone a Christmas ornament to represent the past year for each child and my hubby and me.

5.  Holiday music is  
my favorite. I would listen too it all year long if I could.

6.  This year, I'll be spending the holidays  
 in between moving from Fl to Ma. We will be staying with both my parents and my in-laws. Just seeing everyone and having a good time.

7.  Holiday wish list  
A happy and stress free Christmas. 
A Kindle wouldn't hurt though. 


  1. i said the exact same thing about Christmas music :) great answers!

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