December 13, 2010

Our weekend... the extended version :)

This weekend we had so much to do...
I mean as you sit here and read this there are packers everywhere and I'm probably regretting everything we did this weekend.
 But right now Sunday afternoon I sit here thinking of the few things left that HAS to be done. 
Not the things I wanted done. 

Anyway, this weekend we were busy but not busy doing packing things. 
We were busy doing family things...
minus Ninja who is at grandmas but I have no doubts he is getting his own special time.

Friday evening was my husband's Christmas party at work.
We went and had fun. 
The kids ran everywhere, jumped in the bounce house, made Christmas ornaments, ate WAY to much candy but it was fun!
I got to talk with a bunch of wives that I haven't seen in awhile and then some I have.
Here are some pictures from the night...
Story time...Night Before Christmas (before Santa came out on a Humvee)
 Sisterly love
Hulk has NOW decided that Santa is NOT ok...
 Family photo minus Ninja... :(

 Myself and Tanyetta (check out her blog Days Like These!)

On our way home from the Christmas party I got one of the lovely Christmas display gems that got FINED here.

Saturday we got up and went to go look at some yard sales. I will miss the fact that in December people actually can still and do have yard sales in Florida. 
I'm sure my yard sale days are now numbered to mid-May til August. 
There were not many that were of interest to us in our usual route so we ventured up north a little bit.
We went way off the beaten bath to a yard sale that said "HUGE YARD SALE" and it was huge too bad it was mainly junk and what wasn't was WAY over-priced for a yard sale.
So we left and went to Dunkin Donuts for a late breakfast and yummy donuts.
When we got home we were supposed to start some of the packing and fun stuff that I will be regretting about now with movers here. 
However, my curiosity got the better of me and from about noon until 4pm we did nothing but watch old home videos.
The girls loved watching videos of themselves from when they were younger. 
I wanted to cry watching the videos and we even found one of me before I was a mommy.
My little brothers and sisters were in the video and it made me sad since
one of my brothers does not talk to me right now and then my other brother just started talking to me more often. That 2nd brother is 16 so he normally doesn't speak to anyone.
He also, was seriously hurt this weekend being a dumb 16 year old and is now recovering at home with 17 stitches in his leg. (and if you Nick are reading this or Katie ask him "Are you having fun now") 

Saturday evening we went downtown to the Pensacola Christmas Parade. We didn't tell the girls until we got there and they could not have been more excited.
Here are some pictures from the parade...

Sunday we got up and went to church. Which was bittersweet since it was our last time going to Liberty for church services. I'll go Wednesday for my last MOPS meeting here.
We came home ate some lunch and are now doing some of the things on our check list.
Like painting touch-ups, laundry, yard work, topping off the suitcases and of course watching Miami Dolphin football. 
I have learned this weekend that no matter how much I want to control everything I can't.
I am putting my faith in God that everything will go smoothly these next 3 days and when we get our stuff in Massachusetts that it will all be in good condition and not broken. 
I am rolling with the punches and not letting the small things get to me at least until Thursday. :)


  1. I am so glad you enjoy DD (Dunkin Donuts) because it's EVERYWHERE in Massachusetts. Starbucks WHO? lol.

    Im praying for a smooth move for yall, I know what it's like to move to Mass right before Christmas....Dont forget to buy a shovel when you first get there.

  2. Have a blessed move and photograph it all. Stopping by from your featured post by Survey Junkie to say hello from my blog - Positive Kismet

    I'm now a follower of your blog.
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!