January 19, 2011

I love a good deal...

I love it when I find a good deal. 
I really LOVE it when I find a really GREAT deal!
While out exploring some of the shopping around here we went to TJ Max
now normally I tend to never find anything worth buying there.
However, this weekend I went in since I am on a desperate search for winter clothing for my kids that just would live outside in the piles and piles of snow.

Can I just say that I hit the jackpot?!?
Well, first off let me say that I found Ninja's suit at Sears but he was the only one I could find one for.
I got the snow suits for Carter, Rosie and Hulk at TJ Max and wow!
I can't believe they have that stuff on clearance already.
I almost felt guilty about buying it so cheap!

Here is Carter in her's that was around $25

Rosie in her's. The jacket was actually bought at Sears for like $25 maybe and then the bottoms were a steal really for $15. We went to Sports Authority looking for them as well and these same pants there were $120.
Plus she is so tiny that they will fit her next year unless she has a major growth spurt.

Here is Ninja's suit from Sears only like $25 I think...

And baby Hulk's that was only $20 for the bib snow pants and jacket.
Don't let the face fool you this boy LOVES the snow.

Snow boots have been hard to find in stores though but crafty mommy and daddy found all four of the kids some online for about $20 a piece. Some cheaper than that.

Now while we were walking up to check out I ran across these bad boys...

I have been wanting some of these Reebok EasyTone shoes for a while now.
What I have not wanted was to pay the pretty price of anywhere from $85 to $100 for them.
Come on now I am cheap.
We saw these exact shoes sitting on a shelf as we went to check out at TJ Max and my hubby looks at me and says what size are they?
Of course me being pessimistic most times when it comes to a good deal for myself says probably not mine.
Oh, but wait they were my size and were only $29!
Wait just a minute hold up whats wrong with them?
Nothing that we could see.
The hubby didn't even have to ask me if I was going to get them.
As I was sliding my foot back into my boots he was up at the counter buying snow suits and me some
Reebox EasyTones.
I knew I loved him for a reason! :)

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