February 5, 2011

I'm crafty

Remember this post?
Well, I searched for a simple way to make the 
adorable Tie Shirts for the boys.
And I found Saltwater Kids
Her instructions are super simple and make 
making the shirts very easy.
Here are my results...
Shirts from Old Navy $5 each (a little high but they are long sleeved)
The tie pattern on the shirts to get the idea

Fabric with the Heat and Bond already cut into the tie pattern
 The best thing EVER for people who cant sew yet.
Heat and Bond
 Iron the tie pattern onto the fabric...
 Whoops missed some steps...
Here is Ninja's finished shirt.
 When I started Hulk's shirt it was easier to cut the fabric 
smaller to fit just around the pattern
 Cut out tie with the Heat and Bond 
on back.
 Peal the Heat and Bond sticky adhesive off and iron onto shirt
Hulk's shirt. 
LOVE the polka dots!
 Ninja and Hulk's shirts.

Oh, I will be making many many more of these.
My brother and his wife are having a baby in March and I'll be making one for each of them.
The boys will get plenty more in short sleeves for the summer.

All in all these adorable shirts cost me about maybe $6 each. 
Try buying one in a boutique for that.

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  1. That tie is adorable. I am going to make one for my Granddaughter. She has been wanting a shirt with a tie on it. Thanks for the great idea.