February 8, 2011

Valentine Teachers Gift Idea

If you are looking for a cute and simple
Valentine gift for your child's teacher or caregiver
I've got it for you.

Seriously this has to be the easiest and most simple yet 
usable gift for a teacher.

Valentine Hand Sanitizer

What you need...

Bottle of hand sanitizer(1 for each child's teacher)
Valentine stickers

Take your bottle of hand sanitizer 
(make sure you get the kind that has nothing written on the bottle) 
 Peel off the label so it looks like this...
Decorate with Valentine stickers and tie a ribbon around the lid...
 See how easy...
 I have 6 teachers between the 3 kids in school

Easy and quick. 
The hardest part is getting the label off cleanly.
If any sticks just use some Goo Be Gone or Alcohol works too.
Total time to make all 6 maybe 30 minutes.


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  4. Showed these to the girls at work and they loved them! I think some of them may try them.