February 3, 2011

You all knew it was coming...

I am done.
I asked for a duty station with seasons and snow.
Really I did but this is getting ridiculous.
I mean really every 5 days or so and sometimes sooner we get this...

Out my backdoor
You can barely see where my hubby just shoveled.
 The ice hanging off my house that is causing
all the windows to leak according to 
 Looking down the back of our house. 
We are supposed to shovel the walkway there but ummm...
Yeah NOT gonna happen.
 This is after my hubby took out the trash and started to shovel 
only 5 minutes later

So yeah with the ice thing. We have water coming into the house.
Basically they say that since the gutters have so much ice on them
that when it melts just a little bit it somehow is running through the outside of the house 
and in through the windows.
Like so much water that my bathroom has 5 towels drenched and I found a puddle of water last night.
My son was woken up in the middle of the night from the water leaking in his window.
Since his bed is right by the window it soaked his curtains and then started dripping onto his bedding. 
And as I type this I have not heard from them since I called this morning at 830.
But they are at my neighbors house across the street.
They better only be checking out her squirrels in the attic problem
and not the snow coming in her screens problem. 

So I say it now...
I am DONE with winter this year!
Bring on spring!