March 14, 2011

8 Crazy Years!

Saturday was our 8 year anniversary.
It really does seem like just yesterday we
were going to the courthouse
to get married.

Oh yes we are one of those couples.
We are one of those deployment wedding couples.
I think 5 others couples got married that week
before the hubby deployed back 
in March of 2003.

As sad as it is I don't even have a picture of us
on our "wedding" day.
My FIL does somewhere I hope.
He was the only person there that day.
And only by shear luck. 

I keep saying that one day we'll
do it right and have the "big" wedding
but truthfully we wont.

I was a horrible wife this year and didn't even get my hubby a card.
No gift, card or anything special.
Ok, so a little something special ;)

My hubby on the other hand has done 
it twice this year.
Surprised me!
He heard me say something I wanted
and he ordered it for me.

He got me this way cute apron from 
Flirty Aprons.

We spent most of the day running errands, checking out a new mall
watching this idiot woman try not to get arrested for leaving her child in the car
so she could run into Target.
We even went out to dinner and a movie
I totally forgot to get a picture of us on our date. 

Thank you Amanda M by the way.

Overall it was a good day as long as we didn't turn on the television.


  1. Congratulations on 8 blissful years! That is an adorable apron that he got you- good boy!!

  2. Happy Anniversery!!!