March 7, 2011

Monday's and a winner!

I have never been one of those
that dreads Monday! 
When I worked or since I have stayed home with my kids
Mondays have never been a bad word.
Maybe it's because my routine can go
back to normal. 

This Monday on the other hand
can be over and done with!
I am through with you 
March 7th!

The day started off already busy
with Doctors appointments, car being serviced, 
the Hubby flying out. 
Then as I get to the Doctor the hubby calls with
the fun news.
Our basement flooded last night.
3 inches of standing water!
So needless to say now that 
maintenance has come and inspected I have more
dehumidifiers and fans in my basement.

More you say?
What I didn't tell you about the dehumidifier in my bedroom
and the 2 really loud fans?
Those are from the "water" that leaked in the windows 
last month.
So now not only does my upstairs sound
like a plane about to take off
now so does the rest of my house. 

So I say with the utmost respect to you
You SUCK and You can leave NOW!

 On a happier note... the winner of my
readers choice 1 Year blogiversary is.....

The Mailman's Kid
who said...
"Happy Anniversary babe! It's awesome that you've been going for a year. I hope to be saying the same thing a year from now. :) *cough* starbucks please! lol"
She has been contacted and already claimed her $10 Starbucks card!
Hope you all have a great rest of the week!
Here is praying for some sunny days to dry up all this
excess water from melting snow!


  1. Welcome to the "We Hate Mondays" club! I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope your week isn't shaped from today! ♥

  2. ugh! So sorry you are having a DAY! Things can only get better right?!

  3. No good, sorry your Monday was such a drag. Hope tomorrow is better!

  4. We are leading parallel lives! We have two older girls and two younger boys AND have had a flooded basement several times this year, though not 3 inches! Oh--how frustrating! Happy to be a new follower-Janae.

  5. I myself never dreaded Monday either. I kind of like getting back to normal! I’m a new follower Happy Tuesday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  6. haha the fans are just lovely aren't they! I think we should all just move to new houses.