March 9, 2011

Tooth Tissues-Review

Have you ever tried to brush your toddler's
teeth only to get bit or have your child close their mouth?
Who hasn't right? 
How can you make sure that your
child's teeth are being cleaned properly if they are
biting you or clamping their mouth shut?
Here is why I love Tooth Tissues...
My son loves to bite you.
But only if you stick something into his mouth.
Try feeding him something and you had better move your fingers fast!
However, he LOVES to put baby wipes in his mouth.
Don't all kids?
When I found Tooth Tissues I just knew it would 
be so much easier to keep little Hulk's teeth clean now
and it is.
Whenever I am "brushing" his teeth
he lets me now. 
At first he bit me since of course I was putting something in his mouth
but now that he thinks it is a game
he does a lot of the work himself. 
He will sit there and rub the Tooth Tissue over his teeth and chew on them as well.
Since he does not have all of his teeth in yet
I know that the chewing on the tissue is keeping his gums cleaned as well. 

Tooth Tissues were invented by dentists and most importantly parents who were also concerned about their children's dental care. 
They are:
* Easy to use
* Disposable
* Uniquely textured for plaque removal
* 100 % natural with Xylitol
* Neutral flavored, floride free, paraben free and sugar free

They can be purchased online at
12 Single Packs = $4.00 + S/H
1 resealable soft pouch (30 tissues) = $6.99 + S/H
3 resealable soft pouches (total of 90 tissues) = $20.91 + S/H

*I was sent a pack of Tooth Tissues to review for my honest opinion. I was not paid in any other way and was not asked to give false statements. All opinions expressed above are 100% honest and true.


  1. OMG! What will they think of next? I love it!

  2. Oh, how cool!! Maybe this will keep my daughter away from my Spinbrush!

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