March 17, 2011

What's Your Song (week4)

I am linking up again this week
with Goodnight Moon's
"What's Your Song"
blog hop.
It really is fun so why don't you go join in...
Besides this fun if you haven't yet
followed Amber over at
Goodnight Moon
you will come back and thank me for it later.
She is a wonderful, sweet, honest, hilarious woman!

My song this week was going to 
be something different.
However, with the birth of my
nephew this morning I thought I'd pick 
this instead...
(Don't forget to turn off my regular play list)

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I have loved this song since I first 
heard it and sing it too my
kids all the time.
So here's to you my sweet and innocent 
newborn nephew
Kenneth Ramsey 'Shin' Hammond
born March 17th in Okinawa Japan

Love, Aunt Kristen


  1. I love this song too! And hello....congrats on being an Auntie! Woohoo!

    And...I love you for all your kind words!!!!

    Thanks for linking up again girlie!!!! Your so awesome!

  2. This song is so fun!

  3. I adore this song. It makes me so happy and makes me think of summer and sunshine! Congrats on the new nephew :)

  4. I was just listening to this song on my way home from subbing today! I love the upbeat, islandd vibe! It always puts me in a good mood!
    Thanks for sharing!