April 4, 2011

Cafe Du Monde

About a week ago my sweet hubby
was in New Orleans
for work. 
I told him when he left
half joking, half not
to make sure to bring me back some 
biegnets from Cafe Du Monde.

Beignets are puffy square French 
doughnuts covered in powdered sugar
and are seriously GOOD!

Well, lets just say that that week 
was extra eventful and I was pretty sure
I wasn't getting my biegnets.

The morning my hubby was headed 
home he called me as he walked
down to Cafe Du Monde
to get him some coffee and
how I love that man
me some biegnets.

My hubby brought me all the 
way from New Orleans to Boston
these lovely yummies...

Being the sort of nice Mom that I
am I shared with the kiddos.
They each got a half of one...

Ok, so I did let them all have 
another one the next day.

After all though they were mine
and boy did I enjoy them...
If you are seriously needing a yummy
biegnet right now you can order 
the Biegnet mix here.
For a super low price and then you can have 
some of the south's finest.