April 5, 2011

Egg Hunts in the snow?

I am SO ahead of the game this year.
We went on our first Easter egg hunt
on Saturday at the chapel 
here on base.
It was well to be honest
Since it had snowed just the 
day before and now was
a lovely 45 and gaining
everything was gross and melting.
Which of course meant they had 
moved all of the activities indoors.
So there you had a lot of people 
in a very semi-tiny room.
I was by myself with the kiddos
since DH had to work
and about oh 5 minutes in I was
really contemplating my sanity.
Like really who brings 
4 kids to a place you've never 
been before and by them self no less.
I know I know there are many
a better mom than me that
do it all the time
and normally I am good to go.
But as much fun as it was 
I was SO overwhelmed by the people and the space 
and wait where did Ninja go again? :)

Anyway, I got some really cute pictures
of the kiddos and they seemed to
have a blast so that 1 hour
yes I was only there 1 hour
seemed to be well worth the stress.

Stay tuned there will be
more Easter pictures to come!

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  1. I soooo needed a laugh today and Hulk's face (the pic with all 4 of them and the bunny) gave me the exact laugh that I'd been looking for!!!!

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