May 17, 2011

There were tears...

Yesterday was a sad sad day.
It started out a great day
but quickly turned sour when I actually 
heard myself tell me husband outloud
that baby Hulk really did need a haircut!
I mean I've known for a while now that 
it was getting a little ridiculous but until
yesterday I would have NEVER admitted 
it to the hubby. 
WHY you ask?
Because as soon as it came out of my mouth
he was all 
"Lets go get it cut then"

So it was a sad sad day seeing all these 
itty bitty curls on the floor.
(of a super cute BTW kids hair place Snip Its)

As I watched this lady cut my baby's little curls
I really wanted to cry.
Literally while looking at him later at Wendy's
I did tear up.
My poor little bitty baby is a big toddler boy now. 
So here comes the overload of pictures...

Look at those GORGEOUS curls


Red suckers always make things better

Buzzing the last little bit around the bottom

All done...

Once we got home and got all the 
hair washed off of him...

I suppose he is still pretty cute...


  1. very handsome! I'm sure it will feel cooler without all that hair for summer! There are so many things that are heart breaking firsts. Have a good one! ♥ BJ

  2. Awww, now I see why the cryptic Tweet. Makes me tear up too. But Hulk is still adorable!

  3. He looks so much like his big brother with his hair cut! I love it. By the way I hope you kept those curls

  4. hey..he didnt cry a bit!! Such an adorable boy.. curls or no curls!

  5. OH! He's so adorable! I remember my sons first haircut. I used to cut it myself there for a while so I think I eased into it that way! But your sons hair is so curly and gorgeous!! He's still adorable!

  6. Very cute! I love his hair cut, but I can see why you were sad :(

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  9. Cutting baby curls is just about the most heart wrenching thing ever, isn't it.

    I've visited your blog several times in the past few days. I love your music and your writing. I'm following along.

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  11. Found you at the Tuesday Blog Hop! Glad I did am a happy new follower :).

  12. aww, he is super adorable with or without the curls. It's sad to see them go - he's a big boy now! :)

    New follower via hop - I ahve to read more about your gift exchange - sounds fun!