June 30, 2011

Mama's Visit Part 1

This past weekend my Mama was here
visiting and being the tourist she is
had us all over Boston.
Which gave me a great excuse to take some pictures.
Unfortunately these pictures are taken with my point and shoot 
because my good Canon got moisture in it and is having
a drying out period, I hope. 
(pray for my camera)

 Saturday the hubby had a Warrior Dash bright and early.
We had planned on going from the Warrior Dash to Salem
to the Salem Witch Museum but the rain stopped us.
Here are a few pictures of my hubby from the Warrior Dash.

After he got his number.
Don't look so angry... it's only pouring down rain

All the crazy 'Warriors'

After the race was over
Can we all say shower?

He did very well though. 
He took 18 overall in his age group of 945 guys.

Since the rain deferred our trip to Salem we went back home.
The hubby took a shower and a small much needed nap
since we all had to be up at 530 to leave for his Warrior Dash.

We went to some of the more local touristy things...
(I of course left my point and shoot at home so these are phone pictures)

The Louisa May Alcott house that inspired the book
Little Women

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery with many famous authors buried there...

Walden Pond 

I took this one of Mama and baby Hulk on the way to dinner

She was faking it here but only because I woke 
her turning around to take the picture.

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