June 2, 2011

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Are you still playing catch up to the long weekend?
No, just me?!?
Well, then here is my belated recap of our 
wonderful fast paced weekend.

Saturday we went to Canobie Lake Park 
in Salem NH.
They had an amazing deal for military 
during the holiday weekend.
So of course we took advantage of it.
With as many kids as we have going to theme parks 
can get expensive.
I will do a separate post on this Friday.
So be patient or as my niece would say....
"paaitence paaitence"

Sunday the hubby had a color guard to do for
a Memorial Day parade.
So we followed the van of Marines and waited and waited.
Thankfully for them they were at the beginning of the parade.
It was super hot.
Here are some of the kids waiting for daddy 
and then of my sexy hubby marching by.

Ooh-Rah Marine Corps...

Sunday we went to a bbq at my great friend Amanda's house.
Here are some of the pictures from the day.

My cupcakes I made.
Cupcakes are just so much more fun to make.

My hubby the grill master.
He grilled 20 hamburgers and 16 hotdogs

 It's ok we know she's weird.
 Hubby always says I put bad pictures of him on my blog.
So he took this one of me.
I was in red white and blue though.
Red hair, white shirt and blue jean skirt. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Now off to continue to try to catch up on laundry.


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  3. Hey! I noticed you went to Canabie! I live south of boston!? are you close? I tried and read and read and couldnt see where you were from :) I am a new blogger!

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