June 16, 2011

Whats Your Song?

I know I know 
I haven't participated in a few weeks.
Ok, more like since the first few weeks.
I thought about it and decided to join back in on the fun.
If you have yet to start the weekly song fun
go on and join up.

Like for real head over to Goodnight Moon
right now and at least listen to the music.
You never know you might find a new song you

Here is my song choice for the week.
With summer vacation starting tomorrow for 2 of my kids
and next Thursday for my oldest I tried thinking of some of
my favorite summer songs.

* Go down to the bottom and turn OFF my regular music player*

All Summer Long by Kid Rock is one of my favorites.

My husband suggested 
We Are the Champions by Queen
since the Boston Bruins WON the Stanley Cup last night. 
So just for him and to cheat here is 2 songs this week.

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