July 5, 2011

July 4th Recap (picture overlaod)

Let me start out this post by saying how 
wonderful the city of Boston is!
I knew when we moved here I would fall in love with
the city but yesterday was above and beyond!

My hubby was on the joint services color guard for the 
annual Boston Pops 4th of July event
which meant he was downtown both 
Sunday and Monday nights.

I went with him last night and am SO glad I did.
We began our night at the USS Constitution where 
all the branches practiced the color guard
Watching these men and women made me quite teary eyed.
There were lots of spectators around taking pictures of them
practicing and I felt very proud of them all 
mostly my husband.

Here are some of the pictures from there...
(I warned you picture overload)

From there we had a police escort to the Esplanade
along the Charles river.
Can I tell you that if you have never had a police escort you are missing out!
The power of a finger pointing at you and police screaming at you to
MOVE gets things moved!
I have never in my life seen traffic part like that before.
It was awesome!

Once we got to the Esplanade the hubby had to leave us
to get prepared.
Our seats while waiting for the LIVE National broadcast were not too
shabby considering all the people there...

 Michael Chiklis
 Martina McBride

My wonderful hubby and the other wonderful 
men and women of the joint services
color guard.

After the color guard my hubby ran into and got a 
picture and autograph of the lovely
Martina McBride

Once it was almost time to go LIVE nationally
we were moved to the "mosh pit" as they called it.
I do not think we could have been any closer 
other than being on stage...

 Do you see that Marine that is MY hubby on TV!

Of course the 4th of July is nowhere near complete 
without fireworks and Boston
knows how to put on a show!
If you were watching and saw them shoot a Marine and his wife watching the 
fireworks that was US!

I hope everyone had as great a 4th of July as we did!
If you didn't notice we were sans kids last night.
Many Many thanks to my wonderful friend 
Amanda for watching them for us while hosting
her BBQ. You are amazing!
Next year we are taking the kids with us!
It was nice to have some "grown up" time though.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the pictures!

  2. Oh, my goodness, what a cute site! Blog hopping today, I just followed you. Thank's to your family for your selfless service to our country. Happy July 4th to you all!