July 14, 2011

Love them or Hate them?

thrift stores that is?
I LOVE finding a good deal.
In fact I regularly go out on the night before trash day
to 'scavenger hunt' as I like to think of it 
looking for other people's "trash". 
You know the old saying...

"One person's trash is another person's treasure"

I like to think I am a thrifty shopper.
I rarely pay full price for anything and when shopping
online always find some sort of coupon.
And I LOVE yard sales.
Something about barely used (and sometimes new)
expensive clothes for my kids for less than a $1 is a rush for me.

For every military base we have lived on there has always been
a thrift store run by one of the spouse's clubs.
Of course Hanscom is no exception and has one that is open very
selectively and has random hours.
So getting me in there seems to be few and far between.
A good friend of mine volunteers there and luckily for me snags me 
items on occasion.
The thirft store was open today and I feel like
I got a hug bargain.
For a whopping total of $23 I got the following...

A doll nursery for Rosie
 Semi-Formal gown for the unexpected
 All these clothes.
Included are a pair of Gap jeans, Chidlren's Place pants, shirts from Aeropostle
 And the deal of the day...
This Double jogging stroller by In Step for 
Also, not pictured since they are currently in play
2 plastic toy guns for the boys.
What can I say 
"Boys will be boys"

Overall I am excited about my finds today and can not
wait to go on a walk this evening to try out the new 


  1. Wow! Good deals!! The doll nursery is adorable!!

  2. Wow, those are some great finds. That stroller especially. We sold the single model like that a few years ago in our store for over $100 so the double was easily $200!

    Oh, I am visiting from the weekend blog hop. I am your newest follower too.

    I have two blog's: http://thebabystoreplus.blogspot.com and http://IamNannyAnna.blogspot.com

  3. I love bargains also. You got some awesome deals!

    Here from the Makobi Scribe GFC hop.

  4. I am a new fan following you via GFC. You found some steals at the thrift shop. I usually donate to the thrift shop when I am moving because I know young Soldiers and families go there shopping for bargains. I think that I will start shopping there too!



  5. Love, love thrift stores of any kind! I don't think I've ever gotten the deals you pictured.