July 21, 2011

Splash Pad

The base pool here just finished installing
the splash pad behind our pool.
I am happy about this because the "huge" pool
scares Ninja and he all but refuses to swim.
However everyday he wants to get wet.
So I normally end up with my back porch soaked from the water hose.
Yesterday we headed down to the new splash pad
with my MIL who is here to get Rosie and Ninja
for a few weeks.
Of course I forgot my camera in all the hustle and bustle 
to get us there.
So here are my phone pictures once again...

The best part of it all was that other than a friend
of mine and her 2 children there was no one else there.
We stayed for about an hour and a half then came home.
I think I will go back often with little Hulk.


  1. Now, see? That is a great idea! Moody needs to install one of these!

  2. lol. mine could live at ours. love the pictures!

  3. We took my little one to our splash ground/pad and she was scared to death! I guess she is a little young still, lol!

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    ♡ Kyna