July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

For us to have had a relatively laid back weekend
so much happened!

Friday night started out with Rosie walking around 
with baby Hulk
 some how dropping him or him headbutting her.
This led to a hurt head for the baby and an ER visit for
We thought she had bit through 3/4 of her lip.
Turns out after almost 3 hours it was more swelling than 
actual damage.
Good thing too since she would have been impossible this week
if she had to get stitches in her mouth.

Here she is in the ER getting her "feel better kids kit"
 And right before the Dr came in to tell us nothing was wrong.

Saturday was a pretty laid back day filled with 
bum yard sale hunting and grilling out.
We did manage to find 1 decent yard sale that had a lot of GAP 
clothes for Ninja and Hulk for .50 each.

On Sunday the hubby took Rosie and Ninja to
go see the new Transformers in 3D which I was told was
Can't you just read the excitement?
When they came home and got over all the tell Mommy
about the movie my living room became a tumbling gym.
Baby Hulk was learning to so somersaults.
Way cute.
Once he figured it out he would tell us
"(his real name here) flip"
Sorry for the not so great pictures. 
Cell phone was the closest and to be honest probably only
charged camera near me.

That was it.
Our VERY laid back weekend filled with do nothing days.
For those of you that actually read this whole post

Don't forget the KidSwitch light extender ends tonight with LOW entries.




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  2. What a blessing that she didn't have to get stitches! Your weekends sounds lovely. Too bad about the bum yards. Ha! I love that you called it that. :o)

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