August 1, 2011

August Already!?!

Can you believe it is already August?
So many things going on this month?
Our July was a bit slow but I think August will be over in a blink of an eye.
This weekend begins our extra busy month.

Friday we will be heading to Vermont.
The hubby is running in a Spartan Race.
Apparently it is his new thing. 
Not only is he going to run marathons but he is going to also
run crazy test your skills kind of races.
If you know anyone that likes to run those kinds of races look into the
Spartan Races.

On Sunday I am traveling down to North Carolina with the hubby.
He has a school to go to for work and will be gone a few weeks
but with just me and baby Hulk here we thought why not?
Not only will I get to spend another week and a half with
the hubby but my very best bestie in the world
just moved to North Carolina.
So while I am there I will be getting an updated picture
of the two of us.
I mean really this picture is almost 6 years old.
I haven't seen my bestie in almost 4 years.
So this is a long overdue visit.

So other than the next 2 1/2  weeks flying by
There is the anticipated older children coming home from
being away.
Mine and my besties birthdays are coming up.
School finally will start back on
August 31st.

And of course the dreaded back to school
And with 3 kids in school this year well that might get pricey.
When school starts in 30 days I will officially have a
preschooler, a 1st grader and a 5th grader.
Man am I getting old.
So here is to the little moments I may or may not have
this month.


  1. Sounds like an eventful and fun month ahead of you! Best of luck to your husband and have a great time meeting up with your bestie!

    I'm stopping by from the Alexa Hop. Would love for you to stop by my blog :)

  2. Sounds like a busy month, thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower on GFC