August 15, 2011

Back to School shopping

With all my school-age children gone right now
it can be a little difficult to do my 
back to school shopping.

I have managed to get a few shirts here and there
and of course jeans.
Jeans are easy... skinny jeans ONLY for Carter
skinny and bootcut for Rosie and relaxed fit for Ninja.

I did however this weekend find a most wanted shoe
for Carter and bought them.
Boy oh boy are we going to be the 
"Best parents ever"
when she see's these on her bed when she gets home.
Converse have been her "thing" lately and these extra high tops
have been on her want list for the last year. 

I also scored these 'Twinkle Toes' for Rosie.
They were half off. 
Isn't it funny how different children can be?


  1. those are some stylish shoes!!!

    Hello, stopping by from the Monday Alexa Hop!

  2. Very interesting shoes. My kids hated school shopping. I was so glad when I just gave them the money and said go buy your own school cloths.
    Stopping by from relax and surf Sunday.

  3. WOW..I'm gonna need you to post a picture of Carter in those high tops because I just can't picture them on anyone. What on earth would you wear them with? Shorts? LOL
    Trends these days

  4. just cruising through to say jealous you got the twinkle toes half off! Where did you score those! and the other, you get the coolest mom award from me that's for sure! LOL!!!