August 16, 2011


It gets to the best of us all right?
Being a SAHM  it can get the best of us sooner than most.
Raising children is the HARDEST and 
most REWARDING job any person can have. 

Yes, there are days (many many days) when I am at my wits in
but then there are the little moments like
my sweet 21 month old giving me 
milk kisses and his "squeeze" hugs.
When my 4 year old tells me on the phone while at Grandma's that
he wants to bring me home a frog.
(I HATE frogs)
But he wants to bring me one home so he can hear me scream like a girl.
All the while he is giggling like a crazy person.
When my almost 7 year old calls me while at Grandma's just to "talk"
even though all she is really doing is wanting to hear 
me breathing on the phone since she is busy watching TV.
(while grandma is working in the yard)
When my 11 year old texts me just to say 'hi'.
Yes, motherhood is a stressful thing 
but it is also a wonderful thing filled with

Milk Kisses
Frog Threats
Phone Calls
Art work

I can not wait to get back into the thick of motherhood when all my
babies (11, 6 3/4, 4 and 21 months) get back together
next week.

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