August 28, 2011

Rain Play

With Hurricane Irene making her way into
Massachusetts today, even down graded 
to a tropical storm she is dumping a lot of rain
on us.
The kids asked if they could go out and play in the rain.
Of course I thought no that is not going to happen.
They convinced me by showing me all the other kids outside
 not being swept away in the winds. 
So play clothes on, towels ready for later and cameras in hand
we went outside. 
You know sometimes in life you really do just have 
to go with the flow.
Even if that flow is a tropical storm. 
Here are some of the pictures of the kids playing out in the rain.

Even though I didn't get a picture of myself out in the rain
I think I surprised my kids by actually getting out
and playing in the rain. 
It was a lot of fun and made baby Hulk extremely tired.
He is napping now.


  1. Looks like they are having fun~

  2. Hope everyone is safe! I am a new follower from the blog hop would love it if you could stop by....Have a great Sunday

  3. I am glad that Irene did not do serious damage in your state. I can see that you all had a lot of fun in the rain!:)

  4. Wow! The storm packed quite a punch there, here in Eastern Canada we had some rain and they are forecasting high winds for tonight. Fingers crossed it's not that bad. Either way, you can bet I won't be out playing in it Lol!

    Found you on a blog hop and am now following. Would love a follow back :)

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I remember those days when I as a kid. What fun times! Glad the hurricane didn't do any damage to you guys!


  6. awww
    looks like a fun wet day lol

    following you through the monday hop hope you can follow back

  7. I am in New Jersey, but we were pretty lucky because there was no major damage or flooding in my neighborhood. We lose power but for less than a day. I heard some people here might not get their power back for a few days.

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  8. Loved the story. What memories! New GFC follower from Monday Mingle. Hope you will follow back. Donna

  9. Florida here... I am glad you were able to enjoy some of our hurricane/tropical storm weather. We passed on this one. :)

    I am your newest follower via GFC, stopping by from

  10. Wow! That's a lot of rain! New follower from the MM blog hop! Hope you'll stop by and follow, too! According to Jenny

  11. Look's like you were all having loads of splashy fun...hehe

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