October 27, 2011

A few weeks ago Ninja had his first field trip of the
school year.
The preschool classes were going to Goss Farms 
for hay rides, corn mazes, animal petting, cow trains and most of all
to get a pumpkin. 
Sounds like fun right?!?

Well, overall it was.
But first we had a little mishap...
Once we were assigned our chaperoned children and got loaded onto
the buses we took off.
While leaving the gate of the base our bus hit
one of the barriers that you are supposed to go around.
In the drivers defense I am sure he didn't mean to run over 
a big metal X of sorts with a bus full of children.
I mean we hit that thing so hard the bus 
almost tipped according to parents on the other bus.
Needless to say we busted our tire and had to all board one bus.
So some 50 preschoolers and the 15 or so chaperones on one bus.
Not so fun!
Here is the busted tire I took a picture of with my phone.

Once we got to the farm we were split into 4 groups.
I was put into the group with our teacher assistant which was nice
because I haven't gotten to know her quite as well as I'd like to.
She is a wonderful woman and is one of the reasons Ninja is 
in that same preschool class again this year.

Here are some of the pictures of the kids while 
exploring the farm.

The next day at school the children were asked to draw their
favorite part of the field trip.
This was Ninja's favorite thing...

"When the bus got a flat tire!"
Gotta love that kid!


  1. SO cool! Where we moved from had a similar place and my kids LOVED it, too- especially the maze!

    Looks like your little ninja had a blast - I love how kids always pick something unintentionally comical as their favorite. hahaha

    Following from the Thirsty Thursday Hop from Jenn's RAQ. :) Have a great Thursday!!

  2. That is so funny. We went to a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and my son refused to ride the hayride because he said it scared him. When we got home I asked him what he liked most about the pumpkin patch.... his response was the hayride. Ha!