October 10, 2011

Halloween Ideas...

I'll be the first to admit it and if you know me at all
 you know how much I hate 
It's not the 'fun' scary trick or treat Halloween
I don't like it's the scare you to death
or in my case make me pee my pants scare tactics.
I hate haunted houses and the people who jump out at you.

Here is what I do love about Halloween
I love the spooky decorations.
You know the kind the orange and black.
The silvers and purples.
The ghosts and carved pumpkins.
Here are some of my favorite Halloween items I 
have pinned lately on Pintrest and that are on my 
to do craft list for the next week or so...

Source: bhg.com via Kristen on Pinterest

What are some of the Halloween decorations you put up?
Do you decorate scary, spooky or fun?
Are you like me and dislike Halloween?
Come back this week for posts of some of my 
Halloween treats I am making.

1 comment:

  1. they all look so good! and can be transferred into other ideas for everyday life too haha.. I like the tri-coloured pumpkin the most :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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