October 21, 2011

Have you been Boo'd?

There is the little game going on around the base.
I don't live on a street that has boo'd yet 
so I started my own tonight.
You can get the Boo Gram here.

Once you get Boo's you have to place the
Boo sign in your window so that you don't get Boo'd 
more than once.
Then you need to pass it on and Boo 2 of your neighbors.

In my Boo Gram is 
Reese Peanut Butter Cup
Candy Corn
Halloween Cookie Cutters
Sugar cookie mix
Halloween icing
Halloween stickers
A glow necklace
and of course the bucket itself.

I ding dong ditched 2 houses tonight and have 1 more to do.
I'm trying not to get caught by the neighbor kids.
So what are you waiting for?
You know you want to ding dong ditch someone.


  1. YES!! We were just booed earlier this week and passed it on this evening - the kids just love ringing the doorbell and RUNNING! :)

  2. Hi just doing some blog hopping. and stopping by. New follower. Hopefully you'll come visit me at my blog. And if you have a facebook page feel free to link it up this weekend at my weekend facebook blog hop.

  3. I got moves like Jagger...I got moves like Jagger. Lol! I'm going to have that in my head for a while!

    We got "boo'd" last year by a little boy in my daughter's class. I thought it was so cute! The kids loved it!

  4. Is this a new thing? I've never heard of it or seen anything like that happen in my area. Sounds like a cute idea, though I can see potential problems. I know when some stranger knocks on my doorbell I get freaked out!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge