October 18, 2011

Salem Massachusetts

On Sunday we had a little bit
of "forced' family fun. 
(to borrow that term from my neighbor)

I decided we would go to Salem Mass.
I mean what better time to go explore the witch hunts
than in October right?
Of course it was packed since the entire month
of October there is one thing or another going on.
Not to mention all the other people who thought the same thing I did.

Once we parked and got the kids out we/I had to decide what to do next.
Since of course much to my husbands dislike
we/I went without a plan.
I decided we would go to the Salem Witch Museum.
There is no flash photography in the museum 
which of course sucks for me since I wanted to show all of you.
Here are the few pictures I did take from before we began our tour.

Here is my complaint with the Salem Witch Museum...
When you go in you are packed into a room for a 
witch trial reenactment which I thought was 
maybe done by actual people.
Not so much more like creepy wax figures with a spotlight on them.
Not that the information wasn't great but turning off the lights and starting the creepy
witchy music scared a few kids and not just mine.
After the presentation we had to wait about 10 minutes in the gift shop
before going into the rest of the museum which was a circle with
more wax figures of the old fashion mid-wife, her herbs she used to heal,
a 'hollywood' witch, a time line and witch hunt progression explanation.
Overall the museum was not worth my time or money.
I think my kids would have learned more by me renting 
Salem Witch Trails movie or The Crucible.
Oh well you live and learn right?

On a positive note I did get some really cool pictures of an old cemetary
and other cool things in Salem.

while walking down a street with all kinds of vendors
and witches Carter spotted and asked for some fried dough.
Which to us Southerners is a funnel cake basically.

 It was yummy!

And you cant go to Salem without seeing a witch or two...


  1. I went to Boston a few years ago for work and I was DYING to take the ferry over to Salem since I am a huge history buff! I hope to go back someday, so thanks for the information and I will definitely have to get one of those fried donuts! :)

  2. What fun! LOVE your blog! I am now your newest follower, via the blog hop at Welcome Wednesday! I hope you will follow me, too! Blessings to you!!

  3. Wow...I've always wondered what it was like there! For some reason, these trials always intrigued me. At least you found a couple of neat things other than the museum. :)

  4. That is so funny that you posted the "fried dough" thing. My brother-in-law is from Ohio and we live in Utah. He tried to tell me that scones are not deep fried but that's how I've grown up with them. So in my eyes, what you have there is a scone! Funnel cakes (famous in Utah) look like this: http://www.emanatepr.com/uploadedImages/Emanate/Blogs/Blog/funnelcake.jpg

    Anyway, new follower to your blog, I found you on the Blog Hop from Gumdrop Pass. Hope you can stop by my blog to check it out!