November 22, 2011

Do you Elf on a Shelf?

I have been doing Elf on a Shelf 
for years. 
Way before it was the cool thing to do.
Way before the book and the now famous Elf.

courtesy of google images

When I was growing up I babysat a lot
for extra money. 
I had a particular family with three kids that I regularly babysat
that taught me all about the magical elf that 
came to watch and report back about their children. 
While I was only 15 this stuck with me and I knew that
once I had kids I would be continuing their 
tradition with my own children.

When I first began the elf coming to my house in 2003 
my daughter was 3. 
Since I couldn't find a cute felt elf I improvised and basically got 
a lawn gnome that looked suspiciously like the 
Travelocity Gnome.
Courtesy of Google Images

Right before we moved to Japan in 2006 
I went to a Christmas craft show and found
a bin full of adorable felt elves.
I bought three.
(I was pregnant with my third baby then)
My plan was to have an elf for each child.
That worked out great for the last couple of years.
The elves would show up after Thanksgiving
and move around the house to 'watch' the kids.

Since I now have four beautiful babies and only three
elves I have decided to have one elf come in this year
and do all the work. 
Luckily for me there are many cute and creative ways I 
can get our Elf to misbehave at night when the children
are sleeping. 
Most of these can be found on Pintrest
where many of us addicted to Pintrest
have all pinned and ready to recreate.
Check out some of these cute ideas...

                                                                                  Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

                                                                                                Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

                                                                                                 Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

So I ask you do you Elf on a Shelf?


  1. Never did before, but my friend just sent us an elf so we could be like her and do I gues, we are going to do it! It think it would be fun!

  2. I've never even heard of Elf on a Shelf until a couple months ago! But yes, when Torin gets a little older I will totally be doing this!

  3. Oh my goodness, I just posted about this last night. This is going to be our 2nd year but the first real year that my daughter will understand the full concept. I'm so excited, we are going to have a mischievous elf again. Hope you post stories on yours. :)

  4. No I have never done this and my oldest is 9 so too late to start but I have tons of friends who do!

  5. We are watching it this week and I really want to do it this year!

  6. I love your ideas. I started elf on the shelf with my family and think it's the best. The smiles from my son are priceless.

  7. I have never heard of this, I am going to have to start it this year with my son who is 3. thanks for the idea!!