November 17, 2011

Our Trip to Plimoth Plantation

What better time of the year to go
explore Plimoth Plantation than the month of

Last week when the parents were still here
we thought we would take a quick ride over to
experience some history.
Boy did we ever get history.
The Plimoth Plantation is set up nicely with
the Wampanoaq Homesite, the17th century English Village
a craft center and of course the Mayflower II.

Here are some of the many pictures I took last week.
(sorry this is heavily pictured)

 He was burning out a canoe.

 Can you imagine YOUR family sleeping here?

 Poppy and Hulk

 Would be an even better picture if Hulk
wouldn't wander off and I could get them all four there
 Exploring the Mayflower II

 Plymoth Rock
 Where the boats came onto land

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday
and a great Thanksgiving next week.
Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?


  1. We went there once! It was so fun and cool...our whole goal was the get the actors to break their character. A conversation went something like this:
    Actor: "Where are you from?
    My Dad: "Colorado."
    Actor: "I have never heard of this Colorado place."
    My Dad: "Oh, that's right...well, we're from the future...we came here in a Delorean." laughter from the can you not crack up at that one? I totally would have..but I supposed I wouldn't have passed the test then haha!
    Glad you had fun! Great pictures


  2. Looks like it was a great trip. I love taking historical trips.