December 13, 2011

Are you ready for cold and flu season?

Last week I was invited to a media event
sponsored by Vicks down in Boston.
When I got the invitation to go I jumped at the chance.
First of all I love all things Vicks. 
Secondly with cold and flu season coming soon I knew that with
the Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer being the star attraction
I would learn something new.

The guest speaker was Dr Meg Meeker who shared with us some
 wonderful information about children's health.
It was nice to be reminded that I am normal 
when I take my child's temperature two or three times
to double check.
Lucky for me and my OCD the new 
Vicks Behind The Ear Thermometer will hold up to
9 readings.

This has certainly come in handy since both my boys have been 
sick these last few days.

Another thing that was discussed was how the humidity or 
lack there of in a room can help the flu virus grow and spread.
Lucky for all of us mothers out there Vicks makes 
this great Humidity Monitor to keep your home at the
just right levels. 

You can purchase them both on Amazon:
Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer for $46
Vicks Humidity Monitor for $17.99

Do not forget all the other wonderful products
Vicks has to help get you through the upcoming
cold and flu season.

* I was provided the above products from Vicks

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