December 14, 2011

Cell Phone Picture Dump

I have this great camera.
I mean a really great Canon rebel camera.
Most of the time though I seem to take 
more pictures with my dumpy Evo Shift
then my expensive Canon. 

So in honor of the many pictures 
105 to be exact on my cell phone here are a few
of my favorites from the past few weeks.

Ninja has been 'Elfed'
 Carter and I playing around in a bathroom
 The huge teddy bear the hubby brought home.
I keep threatening to send to my bestie.
She's really safe though.
This time!
 The girls after the FashionPlaytes event Saturday
 Little Hulk at his birthday party a few weeks ago

Hope you enjoyed my grainy cell phone pictures.
I really need a camera bag so I can take my
Canon out with me more.

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