December 29, 2011

New Year New You

With 2012 just days away
(can you believe that)
are you thinking about making a resolution?
Do you make resolutions anymore or do you just make changes?
One of my (I don't want to call it
a resolution because then I will never do it)
changes I plan on making in the new year includes
getting my body back in shape.
After four kids I have some places that need 
toning and inches lost.

I was recently sent the Zaggora HotPants to try out.
The selling point to me with HotPants is the 
loose 2 pants sizes in 2 weeks.
While not doing anything other than wearing the HotPants
while you exercise.

Were they serious?
When I got the HotPants in the mail I immediately
put them on while I was doing housework.
Since as we all know is known for its hard work. 
While I did not take a picture of myself in the 
HotPants here is a picture of the pants themselves.

I wore my HotPants for a few days before a 
nasty sick bug made its way into my house.
From what I could gather while wearing them they make you 
sweat a lot.
They seem as though they might if worn regularly 
and while working out you could very well loose some inches.
Which is just what I need to do.
I will be giving these babies another try in the new year.

So what do you think?
Do you think HotPants are going to be the new must have for working out?
You can buy yourself a pair here.

*I was sent a pair for review purposes. This review was sponsored by Zaggora through Mom Bloggers Club.


  1. I think they just suck out water and make you sweat. No true weight loss can be had from them because as soon as you stop wearing them, the water weight comes back. Diet and hard work are the only way to go.

  2. I think that products such as the hot pants are good for taking off maybe an inch or two. I have a pair of workout pants that do this, I think that they make you sweat, and they compress your body, but I'm not sure that it is a lasting effect. Still nice for the time though, and if you work out regularly, it would work.

  3. Oh my! I sweat enough without them so I don't think I need any help! Hope it helps you!