December 22, 2011

Verizon Fios Overview

As you know I have been reviewing
Verizon Fios thanks to a 
campaign from Mom Central on behalf of Verizon.
As my review session comes to an end I thought I would
talk about some of my favorite and not so favorite
things about Verizon Fios.

I LOVE the on-demand features.
I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Not only can I watch some of my favorite shows
(that either I forget to DVR or cant because of scheduling conflicts)
the next day, which is not the case on some 
'other' cable services.
Another thing that my children LOVE 
is the ability to access shows and movies a week
early from the Disney channel. 
Apparently that is very important to find out things like
"Who will be the family wizard" on Wizards of Waverly Place a week early.

I love the internet speed. 
I never have any issues using my computer with multiple windows open.
Which I tend to do daily.
My husband has complained a few times about the speed but only when
it is a high internet time.
You know that time when there are like a lot of people online.

There is only one thing that I really dislike about my Verizon Fios service
and that cant be helped really.
I dislike how when I want to DVR something I can only 
do 2 things at one time and how if I am DVRing 2 things
I have to watch one of those 2 things.
Do they not know about many
great shows are on TV?
But luckily I can catch it all on demand the very next day!
See positive spin!

Verizon also has this great ap on the Android network and the iPhone
that lets you control your programing and watch TV on the go.
While I have not played with it enough to review it
fairly I will say it looks like a big help.

I will say overall if you are looking for a change in services in the new year
and Verizon Fios services are available in your area
they are well worth it.

"I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS and received a free trial of the products and services necessary to facilitate my review."

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