January 27, 2012

New Family Member

We have a new family member in our house.
You know because our household of 6 wasn't big enough.
The kids have been asking for him for
awhile now and I finally caved I suppose.
I hope you all know I am NOT talking about another baby.
Well, human baby anyway.
We bought the kids a puppy!
He acts just like a baby most days though.
He whines when I'm not in the room with him at night.
We are in the middle of a three week house training project right now.
Here are a few pictures of our cute new arrival.

He had way too  much fun in the snow!

Be on the lookout for many many more 
pictures of Max!


  1. What a beautiful dog! Congrats on your newest addition!

  2. He is gorgeous! Make sure and read a lot because we have a Husky as well and they are not like having other dogs! Also give him tons of chew toys!

  3. Cute! You have such a great blog! I'm now following from Welcome Wednesday. Feel free to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com :)

  4. awww. He's so adorable! Looks like he's fitting right in!