January 26, 2012

Snow Finally

Last year at this time we were drowning in snow.
I just knew it would never stop.
Every 5 days we were getting slammed with another storm.
This year so far has been different. 
We got snow in October and then some dustings but
just this weekend finally got some decent snow.
Of course yesterday it was 50 degrees.
UGH we cant win for snow play.
Here are a few pictures of the kiddos playing in the first real snow
of the season.

They all had a blast playing in the snow and the best part was
that it snowed on Saturday so they didn't miss any school yet.
Then they all came in for some yummy
hot chocolate.


  1. Oh yes, New England snow. It's coming and it'll last until Aril if you haven't really been pounded by it yet. I almost miss it. In Indy we've gotten a TOTAL of four inches in all five or six "snowings". How can I make snow ice cream or build a snowman in that?!

  2. We finally got some snow too! I'm here from the Alexa Hop!

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  3. We're the same where we are in the UK this year. So far no snow, compared to last year and the year before which were awful. I'm quite pleased - can't deal with being snowed in here in the sticks

  4. Just dropping by from BSN and your blog looks really interesting. Same for me in the south of England - no snow yet, but a little is forecast. So very odd as the last two years at this time have been really bad. Hope you have a good week.

  5. What's with the snow this year?! I feel badly for the kiddies!
    Saying hi from BSN! Will follow you on GFC :)

  6. Stopping by from the I Heart Blogging Blog Hop! http://queenofsavings.com