March 8, 2012

Looking for a good book or 3?

I have been very into fantasy novels for the last
year or so. 
I have read a few different Vampire novels.
The Twilight Series, The Black-dagger Brotherhood Series
The Sookie Stackhouse series, The House of Night books.

I've read the Hunger Games and am about to reread them 
before I go see the movie out March 23rd.

So obviously I have a fantasy vampire problem.
My good friend Amanda is always sending me books 
for my Kindle.
I would love to say that I have picked read through them all
but well unless there has been a vampire I hadn't had the interest.
Until recently.

On our trip south recently I brought along my Kindle
and of course began reading a new Black Dagger Brotherhood book.
After I finished it however I was at a loss for what to read next.

*some spoilers*

I took a chance and went for this book called
Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.
(who apparently wrote The Princess Diaries)

The book is about Heather Wells former teen pop star turned
college assistant dormitory director.
Of course once murders start happening Heather turns into 
more of a private detective risking her own life at times.
But what would the book be without a great love interest?
Heather lives with her ex-boyfriends brother Cooper.
Who if you ask me sounds incredibly sexy.
(Just saying and he doesn't have fangs either)

 After I quickly finished the first book I had to begin the
second of the series
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either

This time around Heather and her friends at the college dormitory
are in for a gruesome discovery in the cafeteria and its not the food.
To top off another murder in Deaths Dorm, Heather's 
father has just been released from prison and Cooper has agreed to let
him move in. 
Just what poor Heather needs is for her father to be nosing around
while she longs to be with Cooper.

My wonderful friend Amanda helped me out by sending 
these books to me but left out the third book
Big Boned which I had to promptly go buy on Amazon moments after
I finished the second book. 

After being told some unsettling news from cooper
Heather has herself a new boyfriend Tad.
He however is a huge health nut and sometimes just doesn't understand 
women at all.
Of course there will be another murder and a new chance 
for Heather to stay out of it.
But can she do it?
Are we finally going to see Heather get her man and walk down the aisle?

Now all I have to do is be patient until July when 
Size 12 And Ready To Rock 
comes out.

If you are looking forward to when you will
need a great pool or beach side read
you will not be disappointed with 
these books. 

Have any of you read these books?
Do you have any easy, fun, laugh out loud books I should read?

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  1. I have read books by meg cabot before but never these and I love series! Thanks for sharing. I will have to check them out.